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Video Surveillance

New Jersey Long-Term Disability Claims Lawyer

Video surveillance is often used by long-term disability insurance providers to gather evidence against a claimant in order to deny an initial application or to terminate an existing claim. As an evidentiary tool, it has been used by insurance companies in court cases to reinforce their grounds for denying claims. This is especially true in cases where the claimant has purported to have difficulty walking, lifting, bending, or carrying. This type of claimant will often be placed under surveillance by an insurance investigator seeking video footage showing the claimant engaging in these types of physical activities which will help prove that he or she has no such disability.

If you are anywhere in the state of New Jersey and you think you are the subject of hidden surveillance by your insurance company or if your insurance provider has requested you to make a statement about video surveillance that it has obtained on you, you should seek professional legal assistance immediately. The New Jersey long-term disability claims attorney at our firm can provide important and crucial legal help connected with the matter of video surveillance.

Video surveillance can be an important tool for insurance companies in fighting insurance fraud. Where a valid claim has been submitted, backed up by well-documented medical evidence, however, its use can be abusive. In these cases, video footage does not always give a realistic view of a person's limitations and pain.   Having the ability to perform an exertional task such as lifting, bending, or walking on limited basis is much different than being able to do so on an ongoing, sustained period of time.  Courts often find this type of surveillance unreliable.

As a long-term disability claimant, you should be aware that you may be the target of video surveillance whenever you leave your home and at independent medical exams. You may the subject of this surveillance at any time in the long-term disability process. Your insurance company may be trying to build a case against you to justify either a denial or termination.  The New Jersey long-term disability claims lawyer at our firm has experience in effectively dealing with video surveillance matters and can offer you the legal assistance you may need.

Contact the New Jersey Long-Term Disability Claims Attorney at our offices today for legal help with a video surveillance matter connected with your claim.

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