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The Disability Hearing

New Jersey Social Security Disability Claims Attorney

The Social Security Disability Hearing is usually the most important event in the disability claims process.  It is the only time that you will be afforded the opportunity to tell your story to a judge.   If you are scheduled for this Hearing anywhere in the state of New Jersey, we recommend that you contact our firm to consult with a New Jersey Social Security Disability claims lawyer about your Hearing as soon as possible.

New Jersey Disability Hearings

The Disability Hearing allows the judge assigned to your claim the opportunity to observe you in person and obtain a candid picture of your situation.  Typically, the hearings are somewhat informal meetings as they are not like a typical court room hearing.  The setting is much smaller and is not open to the public.  The only people who will be present at your hearing are the Administrative Law Judge, hearing reporter, your attorney, vocational expert, and medical expert.  The vociational and medical experts are paid by the Social Security Administration to give an unbiased opinion about the occupational and medical aspects of your case.

During your Hearing, the Administrative Law Judge will ask questions about your disability. Your disability attorney will assist you in preparing for this event.  An experienced disability attorney can argue your case and can cross examine any witnesses present. The Judge will question you directly about your past relevant work and its physical and mental requirements.  You will also be asked about your medical condition and how you manage your daily activities.

Upon completion of the hearing, the judge will review your hearing testimony and medical evidence and then mail you a determination as to the outcome of your claim.   It typically takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to receive a wrriten decision from the judge.  It can take longer to receive a decision depending on the backlog at the hearing office.  If

It is important to be thoroughly prepared for the hearing.  It is important to have an attorney present who is experienced in this area of law.  Our firm has successfully represented thousands of individuals at Disability Hearings throughout the country.  We will present your case in an effective manner before the Administrative Law Judge that presides over your claim.

Contact the New Jersey Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer at our offices today for representation or assistance with a Disability Hearing.

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